Documents Attestation Service


The High Commission verifies (Attest/Authenticate) documents only if it is a requirement of the relevant institution.

The service is provided within two working days and requires a request letter addressed to the High Commission. It is important to include all contact details of the requesting person in the letter. 

In the case where an Original document is to be verified/stamped:

  1. All original certificates (educational/marriage...etc) should be photocopied and stamped by the relevant Government Authority before submission for attestation.
  2. The photocopies shall then be stamped “TRUE COPY OF THE ORIGINAL”.
  3. Employment Letters by private companies need to be further verified by the issuing Department by requesting verification from the company or the relevant Government Authority.


If a duplicate document is to be verified/stamped:

  1. All duplicates photo copies of certificates should have the original stamp of the relevant Government Authority
  2. These stamped duplicates shall then be stamped either “TRUE COPY OF THE ORIGINAL” OR “AUTHENTIC”.



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